Santorini couple photo shoot: get the most of your romantic trip!

Santorini couple photo shoot is the most popular request that I get to my inbox everyday. Hello, I’m Alexander Hadji, a Santorini photographer, and I know totally everything about the island. For I have done hundreds of photo shoots in Santorini and discovered the best locations of the island. Moreover, I mastered the perfect timing for every spot so that I know where to go for sunset of for the splashes in the sea. Thus I help my clients to get the most of their Santorini couple photo shoot.

Couple photo shoot: why Santorini?

Indeed, what is so special about Santorini? Breathtaking views, traditional blue-and-white backdrops and classic Mediterranean cuisine make the island a really sought-after destination. Different couples from all over the Globe visit Santorini to celebrate their love and affection. And if you are reading found this page, you and your significant other are most probably one of them.  So should you need engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or any other romantic couple photo shoot, Santorini is a stunning backdrop and a perfect frame for your feelings.

Santorini couple photography portfolio

Check out the featured photos of beautiful couples that I captured in Santorini and all over Greece. You may also want to follow my Instagram and get even more inspired. In case you need more information or pictures just get in touch me using any way you like. I will get back within a day with the answers and quotes. And, I will make sure to convey your love and happiness into the breathtaking Santorini photographs.